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West Yorkshire Police

West Yorkshire Police (WYP) is a leading force within the UK. They are renowned for innovation, both in the development and use of policing methods as well as in the area of information technology.

West Yorkshire Police  Requirement

Every police force in the UK faces the task of having to police divisional areas with the limited resources allotted to them. In the case of Major Operational, Pre-Planned or Football events, resources have to be shared from all divisions to police one event.

Currently this request for assistance is a logistics process that is managed through a complex spreadsheet because the requests for resources need to be fairly given and received for financial reasons during the year. Communication between the central logistics planning team and the divisional planners is handled via email and telephone. This is time consuming and no central audit of activities is in place. Also, the operational documentation such as plans, images, maps are emailed to the teams involved.


eleventeenth's Solution

As well as being a specialist in digital asset management, eleventeenth is very familiar with Matter Management Software and is able to provide systems that offer detailed audit and activity trails. Legal, recruitment and business intelligence software previously developed was demonstrated to WYP in order to prove that an application built using Internet technology could form the basis for a solution.

Working closely with the WYP Logistics Office, eleventeenth created the Force Resource Management System or FoRMS for short. FoRMS securely enables divisional planners to populate all events and activities outside of normal policing tasks to manage a divisional diary.

For the first time FoRMS now offers WYP a force-wide diary where all divisions can see, openly, all events currently in planning. An event requiring resources is entered into the force diary when the Logistics Office accepts that this event will require additional out-of-division assistance. The systems enables Logistics and the divisional planner to discuss the event. It logs all of their notes and user activities in an audit trail.

The unique aspect of this solution is that when a division needs additional resources (for example to police a major football match) the system automatically requests resource from all available divisions - those left in the allocation request once other events on that day have been taken into consideration. It also fairly takes into account the statistics regarding resources provided year to date. This fairness allocation means that no division is over-stretched nor is it providing resource at disproportionate levels to other divisions.

The system provides valuable resource reporting, detailed tour of duties for each resource allocated, and a central point for uploading all related documents for each event.


FoRMS enables West Yorkshire Police to fully manage this important part of its logistic planning offering a level of visibility and openness between divisions that was not previously available.

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