Case Studies

Nintendo is one of the most successful companies in the global video games industry. The company was an early leader, with its massively successful NES and SNES consoles in the late 1980s and early 1990s, and has long held an insurmountable lead in the handheld console market. After experiencing fierce competition from Sony and Microsoft in the early 1990s, Nintendo came back re-invigorated with the revolutionary Wii console at the end of 2006.

Nintendo's Requirement

During the development of a video games title, the PR department of the publisher works diligently to maximise the amount of coverage the title gets in the press. This process involves distributing a constant flow of evolving information to a wide range of sources. Manually duplicating digital assets and burning them to a CD is a time consuming manual task.


Nintendo wanted a press and trade site that could manage the  routine work of press asset distribution, leaving their PR and marketing staff to concentrate on the important work of targeting their message.


eleventeenth's Solution

eleventeenth deployed the latest version of its successful Asset DLM system for Nintendo. The system enables Nintendo's PR and Marketing department, or an authorised third party, to upload assets for distribution the press and trade.


Access to these assets can be restricted to specific groups of users or to individuals; it can also be made available only in a defined time window. Access can even be staggered to allow more prominent media outlets to have a window of exclusivity on a given set of assets.


Reports are available to Nintendo showing which users accessed which files, thus enabling PR staff to follow up the downloads with other promotional opportunities and tie-ins to maximise the coverage Nintendo gets for its products.

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