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Wakefield First

first is the development agency of the Wakefield District. This public-private partnership was created to help make the economic aspirations of the Wakefield District a reality.

first is the driving force behind a wide range of exciting developments in the District, building and maintaining the perception of Wakefield as a vibrant hub of financial, commercial and cultural activity in Yorkshire and throughout the UK.

First's Requirement

Communicating its diverse range of activities to businesses, investors and visitors in the Wakefield District and beyond is a key aspect of first's communications strategy. And as a result the organisation was looking for a website that clearly conveyed a range of information to interested parties. It was also vital to first to be able to manage content on the website, to keep it fresh and up to date. They also required an email newsletter system to enable them to communicate with their audience via the website.


eleventeenth's Solution

eleventeenth implemented a content managed website and email newsletter for first, based on our Digital Logistics Manager platform


DLM enables first to pull rich content from its website directly into its regular e-newsletter bulletins, providing a seamless link and continuous style between first's key stakeholders and its website. 

With DLM, first can conduct ethical email campaigns, allowing recipients to edit their details and opt-in or out of content via a subscription form, while the system automatically handles recipient updates, subscriptions and un-subscriptions. Content DLM enables first to manage mailing lists,  compose and send attractive template-based email newsletters, and automatically resize images, resulting in targeted and efficient e-marketing campaigns.


"DLM is a key tool in our communications strategy, helping us to keep our stakeholders informed and up to date with what's happening in the Wakefield District.  The result is an easily managed, maintained and integrated communications stream."


Mohan de Silva, Chief Executive of first

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