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P2U is the UK's best known Internet pharmacy. Established in 1999, it is now the country's largest dedicated Internet and mail order pharmacy, serving the growing number of people who are unable, or do not wish, to visit high street pharmacies. It enables prescriptions, over the counter medicines and personal care products to be purchased on-line at competitive prices, for delivered direct to the customer's doorstep.

Pharmacy2U can offer patients expert advice from registered pharmacists. Its investment in technology has also enabled it to introduce new and innovative services, such as electronic requesting of repeat prescriptions, a repeat prescription reminder service and prescription synchronisation, which ensures patients are ordering and taking their medicines appropriately.

P2U's Requirement

In order to pay for the prescriptions, P2U was using batch processing of payments using text files. This meant that P2U could not tell their customers in real-time if their transactions were successful or not. This resulted in inefficiencies, since customers had to be manually contacted in the event of an issue with their payment.

P2U wanted a payment platform that would enable them to place payment request directly with their card acquirer, and get a response instantly telling them whether the payment had been successful or not, and if not giving them the reasons for the failure. They also wanted to be able to manage any refunds and cancellations on-line, where required.


eleventeenth's solution

In a first phase of work, eleventeenth developed a full payment platform for P2U using the ePDQ MPI system. This gave P2U the ability to:

  • Perform real-time automated transactions for the website checkout

  • Manage phone and fax orders/prescriptions

  • Allow transactions to be manually placed after approval was made by doctor where applicable.

The system included complete integration with the Verified by Visa and SecureCode with Mastercard services in the checkouts of each of the websites for added security. This helped to reduce fraud and charge-backs and increased customer confidence.

We subsequently developed the system to enable multiple accounts to be used from multiple card service providers (Barclays ePDQ and Streamline eSolutions). This was to enable P2U to use multiple accounts from multiple providers and further expand their business.

Rather than using separate solutions for each payment provider, eleventeenth's Commerce DLM payment platform can be used for any type of account without having to update the internal P2U system. This saved both deployment time and development cost for P2U.


Once again, Verified By Visa and SecureCode with Mastercard were implemented against the Streamline eSolutions account.

Following the success of the payment platform integration, eleventeenth was asked to upgrade parts of P2U's sophisticated prescription systems to help with additional functions such as Royal Mail barcode generation.

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